Video: Cristiano Ronaldo gets bloodied face after scoring a goal vs Deportivo!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch as Cristiano Ronaldo gets a bloodied face after scoring his second goal against Deportivo in La Liga match!

Cristiano Ronaldo broke the duck and his face, as Real won.

The match surprisingly ended with a huge 7-1 result for Real Madrid. Deportivo took the lead in this match, but Real really came back and scored a whopping 7 goals.

Gareth Bale scored the best goal of the match, while Ronaldo managed to score again (twice).

Deportivo’s keeper Ruben did prevent Ronaldo’s goal in the first half, but he was helpless in the second.

Ronaldo scored two “average” goals, but he did score them. Incredibly, but he scored one third (2 out of 6) of La Liga’s goals against Deportivo this season.

Well, when Ronaldo scored his second goal, he terribly injured his face. One of Deportivo’s players tried to kick the ball, but hit Ronaldo directly in the face, which left Portuguese’s face in blood.

This meant that Ronaldo’s night was over, but given that Real scored one more goal, it didn’t even matter.

So, Real got the best win this season, as Ronaldo scored a brace. Shame for the number 7 that he got his face a bit mashed up.


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