Video: Alexis Sanchez gets tackled hard vs Yeovil!

Alexis Sanchez

Watch as Alexis Sanchez gets tackled really hard against Yeovil in FA Cup match!

Alexis Sanchez made his debut as United won.

The match ended with a cool 0-4 win for Manchester United. It was a weird match, which was won by United due to Yeovil not being very good.

The first goal by Rashford was scored precisely due to Yeovil’s bizarre defensive flop, while the second goal was a simply counter attack goal.

Despite this, United weren’t that great in this match. Alexis Sanchez made his debut, but wasn’t really impressive. He did assisted for the second goal, but it wasn’t some special assist. The goal was scored more due to Herrera’s precise strike, than Sanchez’s pass.

Anyway, Sanchez will probably remember his United debut more due to one really hard tackle that was done by Yeovil’s player.

Sanchez was position with his back against the defender, but Yeovil’s player simply went “through” Sanchez. It was a “clean” tackle, but still dangerous as hell.

It was basically a tackle most of Arsenal fans would want to do to Sanchez, given that he signed for Man United.

So, United got a victory, while Sanchez made his debut. He did made the assist, but just wasn’t that great in this match.


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