Video: Alex Iwobi terrible shot vs Chelsea!

Alex Iwobi

Watch as Alex Iwobi makes a terrible shot against Chelsea in Carabao Cup semi-finale!

Alex Iwobi made one terrible shot, as Arsenal took a good result.

The match between Chelsea and Arsenal ended in a 0-0 draw, as neither of the teams could make the break through. It was a deserved result for both teams, as neither really wanted to win this match.

It was basically a boring match, which was quite the opposite when these two last met in the Premier League.

Anyway, the best moment of the match was probably Eden Hazard’s cheeky nutmeg on Granit Xhaka, while the funniest moment of the match was made by Alex Iwobi.

Iwobi’s having a bad patch of form and he was caught partying out late, before that Nottingham Forest fiasco. Most of the fans were surprised that Iwobi started the match, but he did.

Alhthough, Iwobi didn’t have the worst of matches, he still didn’t add a lot, while also making the funniest shot of the match.

He made a nice run through the middle and than decided to take a shot. It was a comically bad shot that ended up like a pass to Chelsea’s keeper, as Arsenal wasted a promising counter attack.

Despite Iwobi’s shot, Arsenal took home a solid result and will have a very good position in the second leg, which they will play at home.

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