Video: Sadio Mane terrible miss vs Everton!

Sadio Mane

Watch as Sadio Mane makes a terrible miss against Everton in Premier League derby!

Sadio Mane had a chance to make it 2-0, but really flopped.

Its 1-0 at the moment for Liverpool who have dominated against Everton. Despite dominating performance, they had problems with clear cut chances.

Well, Mohamed Salah changed that with his awesome goal.

After Salah’s goal, Everton’s defense obviously opened up and Sadio Mane got himself into a perfect position to score.

He basically one had the keeper to beat, while having completely unmarked three other Liverpool players on the side.

Quite shockingly, Mane managed to make the worst decision as he took a terrible shot, that went well wide of the mark.

It was a terrible decision making from Mane, as he could have passed to one of his teammates, who would surely score. It was also a terrible shot, as most of the Premier League players would have at least made a shot towards a goal from that position.

Despite Mane’s miss, Liverpool is in front and looking very good for their lead. Everton is nowhere to be seen, and Liverpool will probably score even more goals in this match.


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