Video: Raba gets red card for terrible tackle on Sergio Busquets!


Watch as Raba gets a direct red card for a really terrible tackle on Sergio Busquets during La Liga match between Villarreal and Barcelona!

Raba got sent off, and Barca got the lead.

Its 0-2 for Barca, as they finally managed to break the deadlock. Luis Suarez scored a goal first and than Messi added another one. Barca really struggled in this match, they tried everything but  just couldn’t score against Villarreal.

Villarreal’s goal seemed to be damned, but than Raba changed everything.

He made one really bad tackle on Sergio Busquets and got himself sent off. It was a definite red card, as he completely missed the ball and hit Busquets’ foot.

After this red card, Villarreal simply couldn’t stop Barca anymore and the goal eventually came.

It was a moment of madness from Raba that got Barca a deserved lead, a lead that will end up as another victory for Barcelona, who continue to rule at the top of La Liga.


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