Video: Mehdi Benatia controversial handball vs Inter Milan!

Mehdi Benatia

Watch as Mehdi Benatia made a controversial handball inside his own penalty area against Inter Milan in Serie A!

Mehdi Benatia got lucky with a handball decision, while Inter managed to hold Juventus!

The match ended with the most unpopular result of 0-0. Neither Juventus nor Inter could score so the match ended the way it ended.

Juve did had more of the chances, but Inter had the most controversial decision going against them.

On one of the rare instances Mauro Icardi managed to get into a good position inside Juve’s penalty area. He took the shot, but it was blocked by Benatia. Icardi raised his hand in protest of a handball, but referee waved play-on, and that was that.

Replays showed that it was a very controversial situation as Icardi managed to hit Benatia in the hand. Strangely that referee totally ignored the incident. He could have easily used VAR, but he didn’t.

This decision was a crucial one, as Inter failed to have any dangerous attack, while Juve simply couldn’t get through Inter’s defense.

The match ended with a draw which was better for Inter, while Napoli will have a chance to get back on top tomorrow with a match against Fiorentina.


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