Video: Ederson spectacular double save vs Manchester United!


Watch as Ederson made a spectacular double save against Manchester United in a Premier League derby!

Ederson made the save of the match, as City got another win.

Manchester City have broken a record with this win, as they got 14 wins in a row. Its incredible, but City made it happen.

City was the better team against United. They had more chances and wonted to win more. Gabriel Jesus presented the biggest threat in the first half, as he dribbled (especially Rojo) and made serious problems to United’s defense.

Although, Jesus was quickly substituted in the second half, City still dominated.

Despite this, United had their chances. They could have gotten a penalty for a foul on Herrera, while City’s keeper prevented a sure equalizer for United.

Romelu Lukaku got into a great position in City’s penalty area. He was very close to City’s goal, took a great shot, but it hit City’s keeper Ederson directly in the head. Ederson than made another close range save, after which the ball was kicked out of the penalty area.

It was a crucial and spectacular double save by Ederson, who helped City get another win, which puts them clear at the top and looking incredibly good to win the league title this season.


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