Video: Eden Hazard almost scores a Messi-like goal vs Atletico Madrid!

Eden Hazard

Watch as Eden Hazard almost scores a Messi-like goal against Atletico Madrid in Champions League group match!

Eden Hazard almost saved Chelsea, but failed.

The match ended 1-1 Atletico Madrid and Chelsea, which was very disappointing for the home team (Chelsea). They expected a win, but didn’t get it, and have now finished second in the Champions League to Roma.

Willian missed a sitter, while Bakayoko had a nightmare of a match. On the other hand, Hazard had a fantastic match. He had a fantastic performance which definitely deserved a goal, but it just didn’t happen.

His highlight was when he managed to get past three Atletico’s players, after which he took a brilliant shot that flew inches away from Atletico’s goal. It was almost a Messi-like goal from Hazard, but he missed it.

He was so close, yet so far. The same could be said for Chelsea, who now might get Barcelona in the last 16 of the competition.

Obviously, it was even worse for Atletico Madrid, who will now have to continue in the Europa League.