Video: Ciro Immobile controversial red card vs Torino!

Ciro Immobile

Watch as Ciro Immobile gets a really controversial red card for headbutting Nicolas Burdiso during a Serie A match against Torino!

Ciro Immobile just might got himself the most controversial red card this season.

Its 0-1 between Lazio and Torino. It was all very average and quite boring until everything changed.

Ciro Immobile made a pass inside Torino’s penalty area. The ball hit one of Torino players’ hand and wanted a penalty. Referee didn’t do anything. Lazio continued their action and Immobile got into a fantastic position to score, but missed.

Immobile was still upset after that uncalled handball, while Burdiso came to him to confront him. Well Immobile made a very meek headbutt on Burdiso and Torino’s player went down. Referee decided to use VAR and than showed Immobile a direct red card.

It was incredibly controversial decision, as Immobile barely touched Torino’s player, while one of Torino’s players definitely made a handball in their penalty area.

Frankly, penalty could have been given to Lazio, but instead Lazio got a man down.

This decision represents one of the problems with VAR.

What if two controversial incidents happen very close to each other? Which one should be taken into account, especially if they influence each other?

In any way, Lazio is man down, goal down and have a very difficult match ahead.