Video: Christian Pulisic awesome dribble vs Real Madrid!

Christian Pulisic

Watch as Christian Pulisic makes an awesome dribble against Real Madrid in Champions League!

Christian Pulisic made the dribble, but Real Madrid still won.

It ended 3-2 for Real Madrid who deserved their win, as they dominated the match. Borussia simply didn’t do enough to win it, and they didn’t really have the right motivation.

The goal of the match and probably of the night, came from Cristiano Ronaldo. He scored a stunning goal that in the end helped Real to win this match.

One of the highlights of the match was also Pulisic’s dribble.

It was a brilliant bit of skill as the player went past three players before passing the ball to another teammate, who couldn’t score a goal.

This was definitely one of the best skills of the night, while Pulisic is showing great potential and fantastic ability for Borussia.

Despite Real’s win, they still finished second in the group, as Tottenham topped it.