Gif: Jasper Cillessen makes a brilliant save vs Bas Dost!

Jasper Cillessen

Watch as Jasper Cillessen makes a brilliant close range save against Bas Dost in Champions League group stage!

Jasper Cillessen made the save as Barca won.

It was basically a very easy win for Barcelona, although the result doesn’t really show that. The match ended 2-0 as Barcelona played with their reserve team (kind of).

They scored two goals and that was that. Sporting on the other hand did had some chances, but they didn’t took them.

Their best chance to score came from Bas Dost’s free header inside Barcelona’s box, but Cillessen was there to make the save.

It was fantastic save, which was all about positioning. Not many keepers could have saved that, but Cillessen did and he helped Barcelona get all three points in the last match of their Champions League group stage.

Obviously, this means that Barca topped the group, while Juve came in second. Sporting unfortunately, again failed to qualify to the next round.

Jasper Cillessen made the save of the night against Bas Dost!