Video: Felipe and Rachid Ghezzal get red cards for scuffle during Porto vs Monaco!

Rachid Ghezzal

Watch as both Felipe and Rachid Ghezzal get red cards for a strange scuffle during Porto and Monaco match in Champions League!

Felipe and Rachid Ghezzal got pointless red cards, as Porto has dominated.

Its 4-1 at the moment, as Monaco pulled one goal back. Its still doesn’t look promising for Monaco, who have largely disappointed in this Champions League season.

That was all expected as they had a fire sale in the summer. Porto, on the other hand, is saving Portugal’s honor, as Benfica totally disappointed.

Despite plenty of goals, there was a bizarre incident in this match that got all the attention in this match.

Felipe was covering Rachid Ghezzal, and made a clumsy foul on him. He tugged him to the ground and that was that. Well Ghezzal didn’t took that well and pushed Felipe’s head. Porto’s man got himself up and slightly smacked Ghezzal.

It all went a bit too south, and both players saw red cards.

It was the right call from the ref, but a crazy reaction from both players.

Porto is going to win this, while Monaco will end this Champions League season on a very low note.