Video: Panama’s ball boy with a cheeky kick vs Costa Rica!

Panama ball boy

Watch as Panama ball boy makes a cheeky kick on the ball, while Costa Rica had a throw-in during a crucial World Cup qualifiers!

Panama ball boy helped his country to get to a first ever World Cup, in a very cheeky way.

Panama secured a crucial victory over Costa Rica, with a late goal from Roman Torres. It was decisive victory as it also helped eliminate USA from the World Cup in Russia.

Well, Roman Torres and Panama’s players on the pitch weren’t the only heroes. 

One ball boy made a very cheeky move, and also an illegal move as Costa Rica had a late throw-in. He rushed to a Costa Rica’s player who was trying to pick the ball, and kicked the ball high and wide into the stadium. After it, he also made a run to get away, but couldn’t get far.

He still managed to steal a couple of seconds; a seconds that were crucial for Panama, as they got a historic achievement.