Video: Omar Gonzalez epic own goal vs USA!

Omar Gonzalez

Watch as Omar Gonzalez scores a truly epic own goal against USA, during a crucial World Cup qualifier match with Trinidad and Tobago!

Omar Gonzalez scored amazing goal, but sadly into his own net.

Trinidad and Tobago played against USA in the last and decisive match in World Cup qualifiers.

Trinidad shockingly won the match with a 2-1 result, sending USA out of World Cup in Russia.

Alvin Jones scored an incredible goal to seal USA’s fate, but USA’s own player started the whole thing.

Omar Gonzalez scored an epic own goal, to give Trinidad an unlikely lead.

The ball was played from the far right, and Gonzalez tried to clear the ball. Instead, Gonzalez hit the ball with such a wicked spin, that the ball flew past Tim Howard and into USA’s goal. It was fantastic own goal, while also totally accidental one.

Gonzalez was terribly unlucky to kick the ball right into his own goal, but it did happen, and it helped in defeating USA.

This win for means that Panama qualified directly for the World Cup, while Honduras will go to World Cup play-offs!