Video: Gustavo Gomez and Wilker Angel got red cards for scuffling!

Gustavo Gomez

Watch as both Gustavo Gomez and Wilker Angel got red card for scuffling during a decisive match between Paraguay and Venezuela!

Gustavo Gomez got a red card for scuffling with Wilker Angel, while Paraguay failed to get into the World Cup.

It was a decisive match for Paraguay. A win would get them to the World Cup, while defeat would leave them at home.

It was a nervous match against Venezuela, a country who was dead last in this South Africa World Cup qualifiers.

Still, Venezuela managed to shock Paraguay with a 0-1, which ended Paraguay’s hopes of reaching Russia.

Anger and disappointment of Paraguay players were obvious. This is also the main reason why Gomez was sent off, as he started to scuffle with Venezuela’s player.

It wasn’t anything horrible, but referee still deemed this too much for both players, and both players had to leave the pitch.

Paraguay and Chile were the big losers on the night, as Argentina along with Messi’s three goals managed to avoid upset.