Video: Bosnia fans threw flares on the pitch vs Estonia!

Bosnia fans

Watch as Bosnia fans threw a huge amount of flares on the pitch against Estonia in the last World Cup qualifier!

Bosnia fans decided to interrupt the last match of their national team against Estonia.

Bosnia and Estonia played out one of the least interesting matches in the last match of this World Cup qualifiers.

It ended 1-2 for Bosnia, who dominated the match against Estonia. It was a deserved win, but also a pointless win, as Bosnia had only very small chance of reaching World Cup play-offs.

Because of this, Bosnia fans threw a lot of flares on to the pitch in the 12th minute of the match.

They are very disappointed with their FA, and want some big changes. Frankly, they are right, as Bosnia has a very strong team, but have preformed really badley in this World Cup qualifiers.

Anyway, Greece and Belgium will progress from this group, and that’s that. While Bosnia will have to make some big changes for Euro 2020.