Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez must be sold by Arsenal in January!

Mesut Özil

This is why Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez must be sold by Arsenal and Arsene Wenger in January transfer window!

Mesut Özil has been one of the biggest signings in Arsene Wenger’s era at Arsenal. The same could be said for Alexis Sanchez. Still, both of these players are in the last year of their contract.

Despite both of them contributing a lot to Arsenal’s “success” in recent years, it looks like the only road for them leads out of Arsenal.

There are many reasons for that to happen.

Obviously not every reason is covered here, but a few crucial ones are!


Its no secret that Arsene Wenger would like to extend both of their contracts, for about a year or two. Still, neither of the two has shown any “ambition” of signing a contract extension.

The reasons for that are knowingly unknown. It basically goes down to Arsenal’s refusal to splash the cash on transfer market. In other words, the club is not showing ambition that Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez think they deserve.

Its hard to argue here, as most “top” football players want to play with other top football players and win trophies.

Given that this won’t change in the next year or so, it makes sense for both of these players to be sold in January.


Another reason why they don’t want to sign a new contract, is the simple reason that they want too much money, for what they actually do on the pitch.

Its true that Alexis Sanchez has been Arsenal’s best player last season, and that Ozil is one of the best play-makers in the league. Still, both of the played a lot last season, and couldn’t bring Arsenal to a 4th position in the league.

Given that they are asking in excess of £300,000 a week, it just doesn’t make sense to give them a new contract. In that case, it makes sense to sell them in January and try to get something in return, than to wait untill the summer and lose them for free.


Neither of the players is planing to stay at Arsenal (especially Alexis). This means that neither of the two is focused on Arsenal anymore. When that happens, players lose their intensity, aren’t willing to sacrifice, and tend to be very risk avers.

Obviously, this all leads to poor performances on the pitch, which ultimately damages the club way more than the players.

For this reason alone, Arsenal and Wenger should do the obvious and sell them in January, instead of waiting till the summer.


Özil is 29 years old, while Sanchez is going to be 29 in December. Its said that players became old in Premier League when they hit age of 30. So, both of them are slowly becoming too old for the Premier League.

Offering them long term contract with crazy amount of paycheck just doesn’t make sense.  

Their form is expected to decline in the next few years, so it wouldn’t be financially sensible for Arsenal.

In that regard, its also smarter to sell them sooner than latter. Frankly, it was a mistake not to sell them in the past summer transfer window, a mistake that might cost Arsenal a lot of money. 


Mesut Özil was often criticized for his “lazy” personality on the pitch. On the other hand, Alexis Sanchez tends to lose more balls than the whole team combined.

They both have obvious qualities, but both have some obvious flaws. Those flows meant that they couldn’t get Arsenal to win top trophies, as they floundered in key matches.

In other words, both of these two players can be replaced, without much problems. Selling them in January would only mean that Arsenal would have more money to sign a replacements.


Both Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez should be sold by Arsenal in January. They don’t want to sign on at Arsenal, they are asking for too much, they aren’t focused on Arsenal, they are becoming too old, and they aren’t irreplaceable at Arsenal.

Arsenal should sell them sooner and earn some money, than selling them latter and not getting anything in return.