Video: Winston Reid kicks Steve Mounie in the head!

Winston Reid

Watch as Winston Reid kicks Steve Mounie in the head during West Ham and Huddersfield Premier League match!

West Ham has finally scored a goal, a bizarre goal, but they all count.

Its 1-0 at the moment, which means that West Ham are holding for a very important win, at the moment.

Michail Antonio made one awesome skill, but that was pretty much it, in terms of skillful things in this match.

Although, this match is quite boring, it did have one controversial moment.

If you remember, Sadio Mane got a red card for kicking Ederson in the head. Well, Winston Reid did the same against Steve Mounie.

West Ham defender tried to hit the ball, but instead hit Mounie’s head. Huddersfield striker fell to the floor, but Reid didn’t even get a yellow card!?!

This could have easily been a red card, as it is almost identical situation to that of Mane and Ederson, which means that West Ham can count themselves lucky to have 11 players on the pitch against Huddersfield.