Video: Turkey comically take dual throw-in vs Ukraine!


Watch as two Turkey players comically take dual throw-in against Ukraine in a World Cup qualifier!

Ukraine and Turkey played out their World Cup qualifier match, and to the delight of home fans, Ukraine won.

This 2-0 win brings them to the top of the league, for now. Croatia had to play against Kosovo, but the flooded pitch took the match away.

Ukraine were the better team, with new Dortmund signing Yarmolenko scoring both goals.

There was one really funny and weird moment in this match as two Turkey players decided to take the throw in. Neither of the two player saw each other, so both took their throw-ins.Β 

A funny situation, that has probably happened for the first time in an international match.

This funny moment, but also revels a sad truth for Turkey, as they are quite dis-connected among each other, especially as their coach had to step down for fighting with kebab owner.

All is not lost for Turkey, but will need to win in their remaining matches to stand a chance and qualify for the World Cup in Russia!