Video: Spartak Moscow fans fire a flare that almost hits the referee vs Maribor!

Spartak Moscow

Watch as Spartak Moscow fans fired a flare that nearly hit the referee against Maribor in Champions League!

Spartak Moscow are playing their first Champions League match in quite some time.

They won the league in Russia and got into this year’s Champions League.

Its 0-1 for Spartak, who were quite lucky at times, but still deserved their lead, given that they were more calm before the goal.

The was one really controversial moment that involved Spartak Moscow’s fans.

Well, the fact is that a lot of Spartak Moscow so called “fans” are more or less hooligans, that create problems wherever they go.

Well, they took a flare and shoot it right at the center of the pitch. It was a crazy move that almost ended in tragedy, as the flare nearly hit the referee.

You can expect a big punishment for Spartak Moscow, as they again failed to control their fans!

Its 0-1, and there’s a felling that Maribor won’t be able to score the equalizer, but let’s just wait and see.