Video: Sevilla’s manager Eduardo Berizzo gets comically sent off vs Liverpool!

Eduardo Berizzo

Watch as Sevilla’s manager Eduardo Berizzo gets comically sent off against Liverpool in Champions League!

Liverpool and Sevilla played out an entertaining draw in Champions League.

It ended 2-2, with Sevilla leading, and than Liverpool leading.

A match full of twists and turns ended quite disappointingly for Klopp’s man, as they were held to a draw at Anfield.

Funny, but Sevilla’s manager got himself sent off in this match.

And why for, would you probably ask!

For throwing the ball away, when Liverpool had a throw in. It was quite funny situation that draw an angry response from Jurgen Klopp! Well, Sevilla’s manager was instructed to leave the pitch, which he did, and the match could continue.

The real reason why Sevilla manager was sent off for this is because this was his second situation, when he threw the ball away.


In other words, very unsporting, but still kind of funny.

This happened early in the second half, when result was still on Liverpool’s side. So you could say that this expulsion only helped Sevilla, as they got their equalizer, and their point.

Every team in this group managed to draw tonight, which means that everyone are 1st and last. Still, given the quality, Liverpool and Sevilla will probably top this group while, Maribor and Spartak will have to be content with 3rd and 4th place.