Video: Sergio Aguero fantastic hat-trick goal vs Watford!

Sergio Aguero

Watch as Sergio Aguero scores a fantastic hat-trick goal against Watford in Premier League!

Manchester City has demolished Watford at Watford.

It was a huge 0-6 result, that left Watford totally stunned.

This was surprisingly the first defeat for Watford in this season, and what a defeat that was.

Its hard to say who was City’s best player, given that every player played just great, but still Aguero scored three goals, with the last one being goal of the match.

Aguero made a real slalom among four Watford’s players and than made a cheeky lob that went over the keeper, hit the post and  barely crossed the goal’s line.

Brilliant stuff from the Argentinian, who’s hat-trick helped City to a dominating win against Watford.

City is now alone at the top, but United will have their chance on Sunday to join their City rivals at the top.