Video: Sean Okoli and Shelton comical on the line block on Sporting Kansas City’s goal!

Sean Okoli

Watch as Sean Okoli and Khiry Shelton makes a funny on the line block on Sporting Kansas City’s goal in MLS!

New York City and Sporting Kansas City played out an entertaining match in MLS.

It ended 1-0 for New York, with Jack Harrison being the only scorer in this match.

Harrison is a former Manchester United prospect, who moved to USA when only 14. He is 20 years old now, and looks to be in a very good form.

Although, Harrison ended up as a hero in this match, two other New York City players took the center stage.

Okoli and Shelton made one of the funniest moves there can be in football. They managed to block opponent’s goal, right on the line. Someone should have told them they must score a goal into the opposite net, and not defend it, but that’s exactly what this two did.

This is probably the first time in the history when two players block opponents goal right on the line.

A very funny situation, which didn’t have a big effect on this match, as New York still managed to win it.