Video: Saul Niguez terrible close range injury time miss vs Roma!

Saul Niguez

Watch as Saul Niguez terrible close range and injury time miss against Roma in Champions League!

Atletico Madrid could only draw against Roma in Champions League match.

Its true that it was played in Roma, but it was still quite disappointing result.

The match ended in a drab draw, but someone could have prevented this!

Saul Niguez had the victory on the tips of his boot, but he missed it. It was a terrible miss, which would get Atletico the win, right at the death.

Atletico had a corner kick, and Niguez somehow managed to get a shot on goal. It was saved the first time, but the ball bounced right before Niguez. Atletico player somehow managed to missed it from a meter out, despite not being under any pressure.

It was the last chance of the match, but it just didn’t happen.

Atletico draw their first match in Champions League, but at least they didn’t lose!