Video: Phil Jones hilarious clearance vs Southampton!

Phil Jones

Watch as Phil Jones makes a hilarious clearance against Southampton in Premier League!

Southampton and Manchester United played out a tense match.

It ended with 0-1 win for Manchester. Although it was an important win, it still meant that United lost their first place to Manchester City (goal difference).

The funniest moment of the match happened, when Phil Jones made a random “clearance” after Southampton made a dangerous attack against United.

Jones took the initial touch of the ball, but than struggled to gain composure over his body. He managed to hold on surprisingly long, but than comically fell to the ground, without putting the ball out of play.

Still, Southampton’s player was adjudged to have fouled Jones, and United got the ball.

United won the match, to get only the second place in the league, as City demolished Crystal Palace.

It was still an important victory for United, which will be remembered for Phil Jones hilarious clearance.