Video: Neymar refused to shake hands with Ralston!


Watch as Neymar refused to shake hands with Anthony Ralston at the end of the Champions League match between Celtic and PSG!

Celtic and PSG played out an entertaining match in Champions league.

Well, it was entertaining for PSG, while probably a misery for Celtic.

The match ended 0-5 for PSG, which meant that the club simply destroyed Celtic, at Celtic.

Obviously, the range of quality between these two teams is huge, and the result shouldn’t really be surprising.

PSG trio again dominated the match, as they scored all the goals in this match (apart for one own goal).

Now, Celtic tried to “contain” PSG, every way possible.

They put Anthony Ralston directly on the number 10, which ment that Ralston made a lot of fouls on Neymar. The plan didn’t work, but Neymar still didn’t like the whole thing.

When the match ended, and the players were shaking their hands, Neymar refused to shake Ralston’s hand.

It wasn’t anything controversial, but the Brazilian did let Ralston know, just how he felt with all the fouls on him.