Video: Martin Olsson with controversial handball vs Tottenham!

Martin Olsson

Watch as Martin Olsson plays with a handball inside his own penalty area against Tottenham Hotspur in Premier League!

Tottenham and Swansea are plying their late match in Premier League.

Its 0-0, as neither team can grab the lead.

Tottenham is definitely trying more, but nothing is happening.

Swansea are defending very well, while Tottenham simply lack the luck to score some kind of goal.

Still, Tottenham can count themselves very unlucky, as they had one controversial handball turned down.

Martin Olsson made one really clumsy move, as he controlled the ball with his hand.

There was a high cross from the left, which flew over everyone and landed right at Olsson. Strangely, but Olsson controlled the ball with his hand instead of leg.

Although it wasn’t intentional, it could have easily been a penalty.

That’s why Tottenham was robbed for a penalty, while the match continues at 0-0.