Video: Marlon with a funny tackle on referee Clement Turpin!


Watch as OGC Nice’s Marlon makes a comical tackle on referee Clement Turpin against Monaco!

Nice and Monaco are playing an early match in Ligue 1!

Its great for Nice, while horrible for Monaco.

Its 2-0 for the home team, with Balotelli scoring one goal. Its true that it was a penalty, but they all count.

Well, the funniest moment of the match happened when Nice’s Marlon made a comical tackle against referee Clement Turpin. It was totally unintentional, but funny as hell.

Frankly, it was all Turpin’s fault as he wasn’t seeing the match as he should. He was too close to the action and got hit with a tackle.

So, Nice is looking like winning this, which will be an important boost given that they didn’t start the season that well. On the other hand, Monaco will lose that first place to PSG, who is unstoppable with Mbappe and Neymar.