Video: Lionel Messi plays Champions League anthem on piano!

Lionel Messi

Watch as Lionel Messi plays Champions League anthem on Piano!

New Champions League is upon us, and some can barely wait.

I guess you are one of them, which is something everyone can understand (well at least football fans.

In all the excitement, Lionel Messi decided to play the Champions League anthem on the piano, and ruined everything!!!

No, just kidding.

He actually performed it quite well, so well that some are spaculating that this is fake. In other words, it looks like this was staged by Adidas

If this isn’t staged, than Messi’s got some interesting talent up his sleeve. Maybe he should go for audition in “insert country” ‘s got talent!

Until than, Messi and co. will take on Juventus, which will be the first time these two meat, after that two legged match in last year Champions League, when Juve knocked out Barca.

So, its going to be very interesting, indeed.

Until then, you have Messi playing on piano the Champions League anthem!

Messi Welcomes Champions League With Piano! by WittyFutty