Video: Lionel Messi gets yellow for showing a card sign vs Juventus!

Lionel Messi

Watch as Lionel Messi gets a yellow card for trying to get Juve player booked, with card sign in Champions League!

Barcelona is leading 3-0 against Juventus, and this match is good as over.

Barca scored the goal late in the first half, which totally opened Juve.

The second half has been all Barca, and they could have scored even more than just three.

Messi has been the hero of this match as he has scored two fantastic goals.

The first one was special because it was the first one scored against Buffon, while the second one was special because it was special.

Despite Messi scoring two, he did have one strange moment. He wanted to get one of Juve players booked, and he started to wave a card sign to the referee. This isn’t allowed, and Messi got a yellow card instead.

A funny situation, that doesn’t take anything away from Messi and his performance, but it still ended up kind of funny.

Barca will win this and get their revenge against Juve, while Messi got his first against Buffon!