Video: Josh Windass shows offensive sign to Partick Thistle fans!

Josh Windass

Watch as Josh Windass shows a very offensive sign to Partick Thistle fans, who refused to give him the ball!

Partick Thistle and Rangers fans played out an entertaining draw.

It ended 2-2 with neither of the team managing to win it, despite Thistle having a player less on the pitch.

The most controversial and funny moment happened when Rangers’s Josh Windass was trying to get the ball for a throw in. He waited and signaled for Thistle fans to throw him the ball. They refused, and Windass didn’t like that.

He showed them the w*nker sign, and that was that.

Although, it was actually quite a funny scene, this is going to cost Windass quite a lot.

He will probably get some kind of suspension, as signs like that aren’t allowed.

In the end, Rangers couldn’t win against Thistle, despite having a player more on the pitch for the second part of second half.

Even worse, they will probably get Windass punished with some kind of suspension.

You could say that it was a bad night for Rangers.