Video: Jose Mourinho doesn’t shakes hands with Mark Hughes!

Jose Mourinho

Watch as Jose Mourinho didn’t want to shake hands with Mark Hughes after the match between Stoke and Manchester United ended!

Stoke and United played their late match in Premier League.

It ended with a surprising 2-2 draw, which means that United’s perfect win record has ended.

Its hard to say what happened between Hughes and Mourinho, but stuff left Portuguese quite unhappy. Its probably the overall result that made Mourinho more unhappy than everything else.

Still, when the match ended, Mourinho didn’t want to shake hands with Stoke’s manager Mark Hughes.

It was a weird situation as Moruinho went to shake hands with the rest of Stoke’s staff, but not Hughes.

In any way, United’s record is gone and they are leveled with points with Manchester City. Stoke, on the other hand, made another fantastic result. First, win against Arsenal and now a draw against Manchester United.