Video: Jamaal Lascelles controversial handball block vs Tammy Abraham!

Jamaal Lascelles

Watch as Jamaal Lascelles makes a controversial handball block vs Tammy Abraham!

Swansea and Newcastle played out a late match in the Premier League. Well, late in terms of Premier League.

It surprisingly ended 0-1 for Newcastle, with Jamaal Lascelles scoring the winner.

Jamaal Lascelles was definitely the man of the match. Not only did he score the winner, he also made one very controversial, but crucial block against Tammy Abraham.

After a fantastic pass, Abraham managed to get clear through on Newcastle goal. He want past the keeper and took the shot. It was destined for the goal, but Lascelles made the block. Fantastic block, but also a very controversial block.

When Lascelles made the block, the ball also hit his arm, and went out of play.

Its true that it wasn’t intentional and was a deflection, but some referees would still give this a penalty and a red card for Lascelles.

So, things would be totally different, as Lascelles wouldn’t even be on the pitch to score his winner.