Video: Guaita stunning free kick save vs Lionel Messi!


Watch as Guaita makes a stunning free kick save against Lionel Messi during Getafe and Barcelona’s match in La Liga!

Barcelona has managed to turn this match around.

Getafe took the lead, but Barcelona eventually equalized, and than Paulinho scored the goal.

Incredibly, that a player like Paulinho scored a crucial goal in this match.

One of the reasons why Barca was having such a big trouble with Getafe is in their keeper Guaita.

Lionel Messi had a random free kick at the end of the first half. He took a spectacular free kick that was destined for the goal. It was just perfect free kick. Well, Guaita made a stunning stretch save and fend of Lionel Messi’s perfect free kick.

A spectacular save, that probably the likes of Buffon and De Gea couldn’t make.

Barca broke Getafe with the help of Paulinho, and are now cruising for another win.

This means that Barca will keep the lead at the top, while Real will have to win theirs against Real Sociedad.