Video: Gonzalo Higuain shows his middle finger to Barcelona fans!

Gonzalo Higuain

Watch as Gonzalo Higuain shows his middle finger to Barcelona fans, after substituted in Champions League!

Barca beat Juve with a solied 3-0 result.

Juve was more dangerous at the start, but when Barca scored, they kind of disappeared, never to be found again.

It was a totally deserved win for Barcelona, who dominated the match, and had most of the chances to score.

Messi was the hero, as he finally beat Buffon, while also getting a funny yellow card!

Despite this, his conpatriot Gonzalo Higuain stole some highlights, for something very unprofessional.

Juve’s star striker wasn’t to happy with the match, and it looked like he was booed by Barca’s crowed all night long. When he was eventually substituted, he showed them what he thought of them, by showing them his middle finger.

This was an action that might “cost” Higuain a lot more than his revenge on Barca’s crowd. He might get some suspension for this, which won’t help Juve at all, in this Champions League season.