Video: Gaku Shibasaki stunning volley goal vs FC Barcelona!

Gaku Shibasaki

Watch as Gaku Shibasaki scores a stunning volley goal against FC Barcelona in La Liga!

Getafe and Barcelona are playing their match in La Liga.

Shockingly, its 1-0 for Getafe.

Barca have been really poor so far, they had only 1 shot on target, while Messi, Suarez and Dembele were invisible. Dembele even got injured in the process.

Still, the goal from Getafe was nothing shot of spectacular.

It was a trumendous hit by Japan’s Gaku Shibasaki.

The ball was headed backward from the Barca’s penalty area, by one of Getafe’s players. Shibasak was there and decided to hit the ball, before it even hit the ground. It was a spectacular hit, that left Barca’s keeper Ter Stegen stranded.

This means that Getafe leads with a goal to the good, at half time.

Definitely a surprising result, but Barca do have same power in their ranks. One believes that they are going to be able to overturn this result, but they will have to show something different than this.