Video: Francis Coquelin with a bizarre injury dive vs Bournemouth!

Francis Coquelin

Watch as Francis Coquelin makes a bizarre injury dive to the floor against Bournemouth!

Arsenal won comfortably against Bournemouth to end their crisis.

It was 3-0 at the end, with Welbeck being the hero of this match. It could have been even more if it weren’t for that uncalled handball.

The most bizarre moment of the match happened, when Coquelin apparently got injured.

No one know why, but Coquelin decided to dive to the floor like, he’d been shot by a sniper. Really, it was that bizarre.

Usually players just slowly stop and call out for medics, but no, Coquelin decided to do things differently.

This dive to the floor wasn’t as bad for Arsenal, as the fact that they had to play for the last 10 minutes with a player less on the pitch. Still, Bouremouth was so poor, that Arsenal didn’t need Coquelin at all.

This win brings Arsenal out of crisis, while Bournemouth are facing a really tough season ahead.