Video: David Luiz got yellow for bicycle kick on Laurent Koscielny!

David Luiz

Watch as David Luiz got a yellow card for making a bicycle kick and hitting Laurent Koscielny in Premier League!

Chelsea and Arsenal are still locked in a goalless draw.

Its been an entertaining match, but there are no goals.

Frankly, both teams have been quit equal, and they both deserve a point.

There was one really controversial moment when David Luiz made a bicycle kick attempt in Arsenal’s penalty box.

Stuff didn’t go according to plan for Luiz, as he hit Laurent Koscielny directly in the head. The Frenchman fell to the ground, and medics had to arrive to the scene.

Eventually, they fixed Koscielny’s head, but Luiz was lucky for not to be sent off, given what happened to Sadio Mane.

In honesty, Luiz should have gotten the red card, and that should be that, but he didn’t.

Still, both teams are locked in a draw, and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to win it. This looks like ending in a draw.