Video: David De Gea stunning close range save vs Jese!

David De Gea

Watch as David De Gea makes a stunning close range save against Jese in a Premier League match!

Stoke and Manchester are playing their late match in Premier League.

Its 2-2 at the moment, with both teams being quite equal.

Its hard to say which goal has been the best so far, because neither of the goals has been any special.

Still, the save of the match was done by non other than David De Gea.

He made slick close range save against Stoke’s summer signing Jese. Yes, that Jese who played for Real Madrid and PSG. Its shocking what kind of players play for Stoke now-days.

Anyway, Jese made a solid finish, but De Gea’s quick reflex averted the danger.

Now, despite this being a super save, De Gea couldn’t save United’s goal from resulting corner. Moting scored his second on the night to make result 2-2.

The match isn’t over yet, but it looks like this two teams are going to finish these match in a draw, which isn’t that bad for either of them.