Video: Dani Alves shields the ball away from Cavani, for Neymar!

Dani Alves

Watch as Dani Alves shields the ball away from Edinson Cavani, so that Neymar could take the free kick against Lyon!

Paris Saint Germain and Lyon played a late match in Ligue 1.

Not surprisingly really, PSG won the match.

Edinson Cavani and Kylian Mbappe were enough for Paris to see off Lyon, which proves that PSG’s trio is the best trio in Europe.

Although, this trio is working like clockwork, it doesn’t seem to be as friendly as some other trios.

There was a weird incident in this match, when PSG got a free kick in a dangerous place.

Edinson Cavani went there to take the free kick, but Dani Alves beat him too it. He refused to give the ball to Cavani, and instead waited for Neymar, and than gave him the ball.

A very strange incident that shows all is not well in this PSG super team, but given that Cavani scored, he won’t be too unhappy with this snub.