Video: Ciro Immobile & Ivan Perisic incredible volley goals vs Milan & SPAL!

Ciro Immobile

Watch as both Ciro Immobile and Ivan Perisic score a stunning volley goals against Milan and SPAL in Serie A!

An interesting day in Seria A gave us two phenomenal goals in two different matches.

Inter Milan played an early match against SPAL and casually won 2-0.

It was a very deserved lead for Inter, while Perisic was the hero of the match. He scored one goal, one special goal.

He got a floating pass from the right, after which he took an instant shot and hit the SPAL’s crossbar of the goal, and than the goal. Brilliant kick and goal.


In the other match between Lazio and Milan, Ciro Immobile did something similar.

Although he scored three goals instead of one, his volley goal was strangely similar to Perisic one, and with an equal result

He also got a floating pass from the right, after which he hit it first time and sent a strike which couldn’t be saved by Donnarumma.

Brilliant hit, and goal.

Perisic’s goal helped Inter to win against Spal, while this goal by Immobile’s looks like a crucial one for Lazio against Milan.