Video: Andre Almeida sensational goal vs Portimonense!

Andre Almeida

Watch as Andre Almeida scores a sensational goal vs Portimonense in Portuguese league!

Benfica and Portimonense played their match in Portgual and Benfica won.

Nothing to shocking, but the fact is that Benfica got a big help from referees.

Eduardo Salvio dived, but got a penalty and a red card for opponent, instead.

That’s why Benfica’s first goal ended up as very controversial. The second one wasn’t controversial at all, but sensational. Although, its hard to say that Almeida wanted to score from there.

He basically passed the ball from the right, but the ball somehow went towards the goal, over the keeper and into the goal. Sensational goal, which was probably not intended by Almeida.

Its still a contender for goal of the season, lets say an unintentional goal of the season.

Benfica won in the end 2-1, thanks to one controversial goal and one sensational goal. On some other day, Portimonense would won the match, but this wasn’t that other day. Benfica got the win, and that’s that, everything else is history.