Video: Alexis Sanchez funny reaction to Alexandre Lacazette miss vs Chelsea!

Alexis Sanchez

Watch Alexis Sanchez funny reaction after Alexandre Lacazette miss against Chelsea in Premier League!

Chelsea and Arsenal are playing the derby in the Premier League.

Surprisingly, its still 0-0.

Both teams had their chances, but neither could score the goal.

The best chance of the match fell to Aaron Ramsey, who managed to hit the post from a difficult position. Alexandre Lacazette had an open goal, after he got the rebound ball, but he couldn’t quite control it, and he missed the goal.

This obviously got unhappy reaction from Arsenal’s bench, except from Alexis Sanchez.

Sanchez made a weird reaction, that looked more like happiness, than anything else. It was funny to see it, but Wenger probably won’t be too happy with it.

Both teams are still locked in a draw, but there’s a sense that a minor mistake might be enough to decide this derby.

One way, or the other.