Gif: Liechtenstein’s keeper with horrible gaffe to gift a goal to Isco!


Watch as Liechtenstein’s keeper made a horrible gaffe to gift a goal to Spain’s Isco!

Spain demolished Liechtenstein with a huge 0-8 defeat.

Spain was in top form while Liechtenstein is one of the worst football teams in the world.

David Silva scored the best goal of the match, with his precise free kick.

If that was the best goal, than the worst goal, well not the worst goal, the easiest goal of the match, was scored by Isco.

The reason why this was such an easy goal, is due to Liechtenstein’s keeper.

He made a huge gaffe while trying to kick the ball up the pitch. He basically toe-poked the ball ahead of himself, which meant that he missed the ball with his foot. The ball went to a Spain player, who passed it to Isco and who than finished it into an empty net.

An easy goal, probably the easiest goal of Isco’s career.

Although the keeper made a really big gaffe for this goal, it wasn’t all his fault. It was a collective fault.

And why Liechtenstein’s keeper got 8 goals against Spain!