Gif: Xherdan Shaqiri with double elastico vs Eric Bailly!

Xherdan Shaqiri

Watch as Xherdan Shaqiri makes a double elastico against Eric Bailly during Stoke and Manchester United match in Premier League!

Stoke and Manchester United end their match in a 2-2 draw.

An interesting match, that had some fine moments in it.

De Gea made one spectacular save against Jese, while Mourinho decided to ignore Hughes.

The skill of the match was done by Martial on poor Diouf. Frankly, no one deserves this, but Diouf got it.

The reason why Martial’s dribble on Diouf was the skill of the match, is because it worked.

Xherdan Shaqiri made a similar skill to Bailly, but it didn’t really work. Shaqiri is known by his skills and he made a slick double elastic against Bailly, but strangely it didn’t work.

Bailly kept his cool and first blocked Shaqiri from going forward and than made a tackle to put the ball out of play.

Despite Bailly’s awesome reaction, it was still an impressive skill from Shaqiri, which you should watch, over and over again.

How Xherdan Shaqiri made a double elastico, but still lost out to Eric Bailly!