Gif: Michail Antonio wicked skill vs Chris Lowe!

Michail Antonio

Watch as Michail Antonio makes a wicked skill against Huddersfield’s Chris Lowe!

West Ham and Huddersfield are playing a Monday’s night Premier League match.

Its 0-0 in quite uneventful match.

West Ham did attack more and had more chances, but they weren’t all that great, while Huddersfield defended well, and had a couple of counter attacks.

West Ham is dead last in the league, and they simply have to win this, if they don’t that their manager Slaven Bilic might face the sack like Frank de Boer.

On a positive not, the best skill of the match was done by a West Ham player.

Michail Antonio did something you don’t see that often, while he also made a fool out of Chris Lowe.

Antonio basically sent Lowe for a hotdog, with a brilliant flick of the ball. Its very hard to explain the skill, so its the best if you see it for yourself.

 Michail Antonio just sent Chris Löwe for a hotdog!