Gif: Lionel Messi awesome nutmeg vs Venezuela!

Lionel Messi

Watch as Lionel Messi makes an awesome nutmeg against Venezuela in a World Cup qualifier!

Argentina and Venezuela played their match in a World Cup qualifier!

Disappointingly, it ended 1-1.

Well, disappointingly for Argentina!

They couldn’t even beat Venezuela at home, which tells you just how bad this team really is.

That’s also the reason why they are still 5th in their qualifying group, which takes them in play off match for World Cup in Russia.

Messi came back from international retirement to help the team, but he isn’t really helping. The best move on the night was a lovely nutmeg.

He made a cheeky nutmeg right before him, with on-rushing Venezuela’s player. Despite this cool skill, Messi again went missing with his national team.

So, Argentina’s World Cup qualification hangs in the balance, and Messi isn’t really “helping” the team. There’s still a big chance that they will qualify, but they will need to show a lot more than against Venezuela!

Messi couldn’t score or assist against Venezuela, but he could stil make a nutmeg!