Gif: Gareth Bale with a double nutmeg vs Austria!

Gareth Bale

Watch as Gareth Bale makes a double nutmeg against Austria in a World Cup qualifier!

Wales and Austria played their World Cup qualifier.

It ended 1-0 for Wales, which means that Austria is basically out of the contention for World Cup in Russia.

Wales, on the other hand, is still in it, but will have to get ahead of Republic of Ireland.

Which is still very possible.

Anyway, Woodburn scored the winning goal in this match, while their main star Gareth Bale wasn’t that visible.

Well, he still made a stunning overhead kick shot, which was saved by the keeper, and also something else.

He managed to do something you rarely see in the match. He made a double nutmeg against two Austria’s players.

Bale was holding to a ball near the corner kick flag. Two players were trying to get the ball off of him, but he made a cheeky nutmeg, that surprisingly went through both of Austria’s players.

It was an incredible bit of skill, but it didn’t go far, as another Austria’s player intercepted the ball.

Bale didn’t score, but he still made one awesome skill, it probably didn’t change the match, but it was still an awesome highlight.