Gif: Franck Ribery comically touches referee vs Anderlecht!

Franck Ribery

Watch as Franck Ribery comically touches referee against Anderlecht in Champions League!

Bayern defeated Anderlecht in their first match of the season.

It was a deserved win for Bayern, who was better than Anderlecht in any way possible.

The end result was 3-0, which could be even bigger, given that Anderlecht had a player less on the pitch for the majority of the match.

This incident had one funny moment.

After Lewandowski was fouled, Ribery quickly ran against the ref demanding the penalty and red card. The Frenchman didn’t notice that the ref has already decided to show the red card and penalty.

The referee than comically showed Ribery (by mistake) red card, for which Ribery decided to give a gentle touch on his face. The ref eventually showed yellow to Ribery for overreaction.

A funny moment, that gave a big advantage to Bayern, as Anderlecht player was sent off.

Bayern started another season in Champions League with a good start, while Anderlecht will have to scrap for that 3rd place.

Thatโ€™s how Ribery fells out the ref!