Gif: Dele Alli shows his middle finger vs Slovakia!

Dele Alli

Watch as Dele Alli shows his middle finger against Slovakia during a World Cup qualifier!

England and Slovakia played their World Cup qualifier, where England has almost got themselves a qualification to World Cup in Russia.

It was 2-1 for England, despite trailing 0-1, after 3rd minute.

England eventually won the match, thanks to a nice goal by Marcus Rashford!

One of the “highlights” of this match was definitely a bizarre reaction fro Dele Alli.

No one knows why exactly, but Alli decided to show his middle finger presumably to a Slovakian player.

He did this in such  an obvious fashion that camera recorded this gesture. This means that Alli might get some kind of suspension, given that FIFA doesn’t tolerate such “actions” from players.

You could say a stupid move from Alli, which didn’t do anything to disrupt England’s march for Russia.

They are almost there, all they need is now a single point from two matches, and they are going to book their place in Russia, next year.

Dele Alli showing his gratitude to Slovakian team!